Hands-On (Learn By Doing) Drip Irrigation Installation Event
at Seth Boyden’s Strawberry Fields

drip image

Learn how to install drip irrigation in your own garden at this hands-on learning event. Drip irrigation is the most sustainable way to irrigate a food garden. Using special drip emitters, water is dropped right at the roots of the plant without water being lost to evaporation or run off. Drip Irrigation is also easy to install and affordable. Come learn by doing as experienced drip irrigation installers help volunteers install the new drip irrigation system into Seth Boyden’s magnificent school garden, Strawberry Fields.

Drip Irrigation is easy, affordable and eco!

How is it easy? The only tools you need are a pair of scissors, a tape measure and a hose punch. The hose punch is included in most basic kits or available separately for around $1.50 when you order your supplies.

How is it affordable? A basic garden setup will cost about $100 and include a timer. This setup accommodates three 8 x 4 foot garden beds. In one growing season, this size garden will grow many times that dollar amount in fresh (organic!) produce.

How is it eco? Your garden will use dramatically less water per season, up to 85% less water used than hose or hand watering methods.

Added bonuses (as if the reasons above weren’t sufficient!): Because the drip irrigation set up runs on a timer, your plants are watered while you are doing other things. Plants appreciate being watered on a regular schedule and return the favor by producing more food. Also, the foliage of the plant is not repeatedly wetted, which reduces disease.

The event held at Seth Boyden Demonstration School on April 16th, 2016 was a big success.  The garden is now watering itself on a timer and the kids were able to help the installation.  Many on the participants commented that it was much easier than they expected and planned to add drip irrigation to their own food gardens.


re:Yard volunteer helps students.


Young volunteers are having fun installing the irrigation system