re:Yard is a community program that awards lawns, gardens and yards for being more sustainable and reducing many of the environmental impacts from standard yard care.

The goal for the re:Yard certification is to encourage, support and celebrate a wide-variety of options to reduce and eliminate these impacts in diverse ways.

To get started read the guidelines below, click on each action to expand the fill text. As you read each section complete your Certification Form with the current status of your yard. Once you have filled out your form, submit it and we will get back to you with a yard sign indicating your current level of certification. As you complete addtional actions you can resubmit your form. If you have any questions about how to get started, please email us at

Site and Soil (S&S)

S&S 1: Site Analysis – 3 Points
S&S 2: Lawns and Lawn Alternatives – 3 Points
S&S 3: Cold Weather Management – 2 Points
S&S 4: Soil Health – 3 Points
S&S 5: Soil Testing – 1 Point

Water Use and Water Quality (W&W)

W&W1: No above ground irrigation – 2 Points
W&W2: Retain some of your Stormwater – 1 Point
W&W3: Reduce potable water use for Irrigation – 2 Points
W&W4: Temporary Irrigation for New Plantings – 2 Points
W&W5: Ecological Habitat Enhancement – 2 Points

Energy and Air (E&A)

E&A1: Reduce Carbon Footprint with Smarter Yard Care – 4 Points
E&A2: Air Quality – 2 Points

Plants and Animals (P&A)

P&A 1: Existing Onsite Invasive and Exotic Species – 3 Points

P&A 2: Native Plant Usage – 3 Points
P&A 3: Grow a sustainable food garden – 3 Points
P&A 4: Keep Food Producing Animals – 2 Points
P&A 5: Wildlife Management and Biodiversity – 6 Points

Materials and Resources (M&R)

M&R 1: Sustainable materials for new structures and outdoor projects – 2 Points
M&R 2: Pruning, Weeding, Mulching – 1 Point
M&R 3: Fertilizers and Soil Amendments – 2 Points
M&R 4: Onsite and Local Materials – 1 Point
M&R 5: Chemical Free Pest and Disease Management – 3 Points

Beyond the Yard (B&Y)

B&Y 1: Adopt a Storm Drain – 1 Point
B&Y 2: Invite and Educate – 1 Point
B&Y 3: Develop case study of your site – 1 Point
B&Y 4: Monitor and Report Site Performance – 1 Point
B&Y 5: Comprehensive Watershed Restoration Plan – 1 Point