re:Yard is flexible and practical.

It is designed to be easily applied to any type of landscape types. You can address and define how it fits your unique needs and desires to create a sustainable and healthy yard. Once you decide to participate in the program, you’ll use the appropriate credits to identify the ways you are already practice green yard care, or how you will change your yard to be more environmentally sound.



Site and Soil

Water Use and Water Quality

Energy and Air

Plants and Animals

Materials and Resources

Beyond the Yard


Points and Level of Certification

The number of points your yard earns determines the level of certification you receive.  There are three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can combined credits from any of the categories as you like.  re:Yard does not have prerequisites so you can pursue credits in any order as well.  Some credits are more complex than others, but all are explained within the re:Yard Guidelines.




In appreciation for your participation in the program, we would like to give you a small lawn sign showing your participation in the re:Yard program. This sign will help other residents to see that a sustainable yard is doable.